123 Does The Past Equal the Future?

123 Does The Past Equal the Future?

I know that I did not create myself nor do I maintain myself alone and unaided, so what is my responsibility here and now? I often remind myself there is within me, as with all created beings an infinite intelligence that lives me. I think about the food I ate today, even now being change into everything it takes to live in this body, in this world. My food intake is changed into flesh, bone, blood, energy, thoughts, and feelings, ad infinitum. If I have all the brains and computer power at my command I could not duplicate what is going on within each of us. The question is this; why don’t I call on this infinite intelligence 24/7? I made up an illusion of separation from this infinite power to the point of powerlessness. Since I have been in A.A. I have experienced, at times this Higher Power, Intelligence doing for me what I cannot do alone and unaided. Why don’t I call on it all the time? When I was growing up I was a private person. I would do anything to keep others from knowing what I was thinking, doing or feeling. I come to believe that no one cared for me or wanted to help the person I had become, anyway. Of course I did not bother to ask anyone for help because I "knew" what the answer would be, so I experienced a too limited made up world of my own making. So, what is my life experience today? I find myself wanting to be with other people sharing our Program every chance I get. As I see it today this could only happen by the grace of God. This is so unlike anything I could have dreamed of, before coming into A.A.


1. Can you give an example of how you are still letting the past equal the present and or the future?

2. Do you take part in co-creating your life experience or do you still make up stuff about the past determining your present and or future?

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A wise Teacher once said that we need to love our enemy, and Emmet Fox once wrote that our only real enemy is our fear, so how am I to love fear?