124 The Unicorn

124 The Unicorn

I need the oxen, the mule, donkey and the Unicorn. Throughout my sobriety journey, I have used all four to these. The first two the oxen and the mule cannot reproduce offspring. These beasts of burden transported and preformed heavy work. When I was new to A.A. I felt like a beast of burden. I didn’t believe I could reproduce an A.A. offspring (be a sponsor). If you wanted what I had and was willing to go to any links to get it, you would have to be sick. I was caring a heavy load, or dragging it along behind me because I had not yet worked the Steps. I had not had a Spiritual awakening nor had I received the promises. My physical body and made up world was my beast of burden; my oxen and mule, a needed vehicle, as I was under the illusion that I was caring the world on my back. I had a need of the donkey. The ox, the mule, the donkey, will obediently pull your plow and your cart, and take them where you want to go; but you have to know where that is, and how to get there. I followed what I was being shown, not just told by other A.A. members that had experience working the A.A. Program. That did carry me for a while, but I need my own experience and Spiritual awakening. …Jesus sent two disciples, saying to them, "Go to the village ahead of you, and at once you will find a donkey tied there, with her colt by her. Untie them and bring them to me. If anyone says anything to you, tell him the Lord needs them, and he will send them right away." (Matthew 21: 1-3) The Unicorn will do his will, knowing where he is going and how to get there. A place we know not of, so we would not choose it. In our present consciousness, we cannot even dream of. Most of us would settle for a must lesser place to dwell in. The Unicorn like our Higher Power will not do our chores, although he may bring us the tools. He will not take orders or demands, unless he has placed them in our heart. In his awakening us our problems are not solved, they disappear, much like darkness disappears in the presence of light. To me the Unicorn is a useful metaphor for the action of our Higher Power, a Spiritual awakening. Often when we least expect it, the awakening, unicorn will suddenly appear. Don't try to control it or bridle it, don't stop the think about it, but leap on his back and let it take you where it wills. We can clear away what is harmful, useless or loveless to some degree, but we cannot earn a Spiritual awakening, which comes to us by grace. As long as we insist on telling Higher Power His business, we are treating Him like our beast of burden not the Pure Spirit He is.


1. In what ways do you identify with the Unicorn experience?

2. In what ways do you identify with the oxen, the mule, and the donkey experience?

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Today the adage “Let Go and Let God “has taken on a much deeper realistic meaning.