128 Judging our Higher Power

128 Judging our Higher Power

What about the times when I have no conscious contact with my Higher Power?

After practicing our A.A. Program for many years I am not in danger of stopping my belief in a Higher Power altogether. The real danger is my coming to believe dreadful things about Him. That He does not care for me or He is punishing me. The fearful thought that He will cast me into every lasting darkness. The central reason that I want to forgive every authority figure is that I will project my belief on to the greatest Authority, my Higher Power.


1. When you are unable or unwilling to have a conscious contact with your Higher Power how do you judge your Higher Power?

2. Are there any authority figures you have not forgiven?

3. Can you give an example when you projected your authority beliefs on to your Higher Power?

Random Awakening

In our Big Book the word I is used 7214 times, so I have to say that it is a Key Word.