129 Beyond Forgiveness

129 Beyond Forgiveness

Because I was, I am forgiven in A.A. I must pass that gift of grace to others to keep it. I could then say I am a Forgiven Forgiver Forgiving, an element of my A.A. missions. I have to say that this use of the F word, Forgive is better than the one of the other F words we may hear. I encourage those I sponsor to use this F word, Forgiveness often. One of the most important realizations I have come to understand as an active member of A.A. is that we can and do go beyond forgiveness. When a newcomer joins our Program I find that most A.A. members will not judge that newcomer in a way that calls for forgiveness. To me this is a demonstration of unconditional love.


1. When you first came to the Program did you feel not judged in a way that called for forgiveness?

2. Are you a Forgiven Forgiver Forgiving, give an example?

Random Awakening

I am so willing to let go of my negativity, fear and anger, the price is way overinflated.