130 Unfounded Idealism

130 Unfounded Idealism

I am a worker so when I hear someone say, "If I just don’t drink" or ……… I will be just fine", it turns me off. I enjoyed the following story and I hope you will enjoy its simple message. A certain brother came to Abbot Silvanus at Mount Sinai, and seeing the hermits at work he exclaimed: "Why do you work for the bread that perishes? Mary has chosen the best part, namely to sit at the feet of the lord without working." Then the Abbot said to his disciple Zachary: "Give the brother a book and let him read, and put him in an empty cell." At the ninth hour the brother who was reading began to look out to see if the Abbot was going to call him to dinner. Sometime after the ninth hour he went himself to the Abbot and said: "Did the brethren not eat today, Father?" "Oh yes, certainly", said the Abbot, "they just had dinner." "Well", said the brother, "why did you not call me?" "You are a spiritual man", said the elder; "you don’t need this food that perishes". "We have to work, but you have chosen the best part". "You read all day, and can get along without food". Hearing this the brother said: "Forgive me, Father". And the elder said: "Martha is necessary to Mary, for it was because Martha worked that Mary was able to be praised". (The wisdom of the Desert – Thomas Merton) There is a time for everything: A time to pray and meditate, a time to set up the meeting, a time to make the coffee, a time to share.


1. How do you feel about idealism vise working?

2. Have you found a balance between working and being still?

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