131 Don’t Miss The Special Gift

131 Don’t Miss The Special Gift

If you are looking only to the special to be special you may miss most of the Special. "Do the small things with great love." (Mother Teresa) As long as I can remember I have wanted my life to make a good difference in this world. I believed that I had no special gifts or skills that worked for me that had real value. I had a reading disability, which limited my opportunities through a higher education. The only jobs I could find after I finished high school were manual labor or just above. There was talk of another war; I thought if I joined the Marine Corp I could become a hero. So at seventeen years old I enlisted in the US Marine Corp. I did serve in the Korean War but I never felt like a hero or anyone special. I was drinking daily. I felt like a misfit because I was. I could not get along with anyone, yet I was angry because I others did not honored or respected, they had no reason to. There was nothing special about my life or was I making anything that resembled a good difference. When I reached the doors of A.A. I was at the end of my rope. Something within me awakened at my first meeting in A.A. I began to feel special. A little group of A.A. members, who loved the Program took me in and made me part of it. I realize that I can make a good difference in this world every day if I am willing to share what I have been so freely given. We can be part of daily miracles if we choose to. We can say to all who need our A.A. way of life, come and let us love you, teach you, heal you and forgive you. We can and do make a good difference every day in a way that no one will ever see our name print or given a medal of honor. But we can and do experience that joy of sharing what we have been so freely given.


1. What are some of the things you are grateful for?

2. Does the size of the gift determine its worth?

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