132 The Dreamer

132 The Dreamer

The same theme keeps coming up in my morning prep-work. We don’t ask for too much we ask for too little. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Eleanor Roosevelt) "The Lord is able to give thee much more than this." (2 Chronicles 25:9) Yes, we are limited if we count only on our own abilities, but there is a Higher Power within each of us in which all things are possible. I know I did not create myself. I know there is an infinite intelligence within each creature expressing life through us. I know this Presence never forget us or stops loving us as long as we are breathing. I know nothing about what happen after this life. I do believe living the best we can here and now brings us some fulfillment in this world. How is it that the infinite can be aware of such a tiny part of Its Infinite Whole? It seems like my being aware of every atom in my body, which I am not. Do I believe in my dreams, my heart’s desire? Am I afraid to dream a loving dream that I can make a good difference in this world? Perhaps I dream too small trying to save myself from disappointment. Come let us dream the most wonderful, loving dream we can, knowing if it’s ours to have our Father will do it for us, through us. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. How do you limit your dreams?

2. Do you believe you future is subject to your limited dreams?

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