133 Spiritual Discernment

133 Spiritual Discernment

Can anyone experience Spiritual Discernment or do you have to be special? I was under the impression only a special or holy person could receive the gift of Spiritual Discernment. Perhaps it’s a wise person with the judgment capacity equivalent to sainthood. Today I believe it is something special but not above and beyond the human condition. This morning I had a realization that Spiritual Discernment is not a judgment I make, but an intuitive awakening. When I am working with a new member, no matter what they have done or not done I have no need to forgive them. In fact, I have not judged them in a way that calls for guilt and punishment. Spiritual Discernment is beyond appearances and facts it is an intuitively knowing. My experience tells me the big Boss has a purpose for everyone and everything. I don’t need to know what that purpose is. I just know it is and I accept it as is.


1. What does Spiritual Discernment mean to you?

2. Can you give an example of when you realized that you were not judging someone?

Random Awakening

Grace is the Presence and Action of our Higher Power within doing the works we call life.