134 How About Tiny Addictions?

 134 How About Tiny Addictions?

Every once in a while I find another tiny addiction, these seem endless. The longer I am active in the Program the less I can get by with. I stopped drinking coffee a longtime ago, so I am sensitive to caffeine. When I drink anything with caffeine in it I get to liking them a little too much, like a Dr. Pepper. Once I start drinking anything with caffeine I will most likely drink them for a month or two before stopping. That in its self-should be a clue that I could become addicted to almost anything that changes the way I feel, Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional or social.


1. Is there such a thing as a tiny addiction?

2. What are some of your tiny addiction?

3. What will set off a craving for more of the same?

Random Awakening

One of the names Bill W gave thought to for the Big Book was “A Way Out”. For many of us that title fit us to a tee.