135 What Can Change?

 135 What Can Change?

What can we change or have changed for us? Can the past change? Yes, our experience of the past can change but not the past. For example our experience as an alcoholic from one of weakness, worthlessness, badness to a disease, which can transform into an asset. How about changing the present? Yes, by focusing on the here and now we have the power of choice. If I am lingering on the past I am living out an illusion or projecting it into the future. In that case I am letting the past equal the future. That is experience wise. How about changing the future? Once I realized what my heart’s desire was I can choose to live the present in a way that will move me toward my heart’s desire instead of a way from it. For example I may have to have a skill that I don’t presently have. I can choose this moment to put myself in the place to learn that skill and take the action I need, here and now. I can choose to focus my attention on what I believe is my Higher Power’s purpose for me and take the next step toward it.


1. Have you experienced one of your defects transformed into an asset?

2. What are some of the tools you have learned to use to live in the here and now?

3. Are you using the here and now to move you toward your heart’s desire?

Random Awakening

I am reminded that everything and everyone that comes into my consciousness has a God-given purpose. Often I do understand it later; sometimes I never do understand its purpose.