137 A Hidden Power Of Moodiness

137 A Hidden Power Of Moodiness

When I do a new workshop it seem the area I am working on come out of every area of my consciousness. I am doing two workshops on moodiness currently which has awakened every way that I have used moodiness most of my life. One of the purposes moodiness served for me was hiding my procrastination. The way I used moodiness to cover up procrastination was like this, if I were angry or withdrawing for someone or something I would put it off. I had no idea that I was procrastinating. When my moodiness had passed I was well into not doing something, even if it would be best for me. Procrastination is the thief of time. (Proverbs) Putting off robs us the opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile, in this example moodiness is the thief.


1. Have you ever used moodiness to cover up one of your defects?

2. Are you able to procrastinate procrastination?

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