136 When I Do A Wrong

136 When I Do A Wrong

What happens when I do a wrong or miss the mark? What is wrong for me may not be so for others. We are individuals, only one of a kind. When it comes the universal sins or crimes most know the difference between right and wrong. When it comes to our personal "reality" I have to consider my experience real or illusion. What is to me common sense may be common consensus to another. The way I am using wrongs here comes from my personal "reality" or common consensus judgment. I believed from early childhood that if I gave someone my word, even if that someone was me, I had to keep it. "A person that gives their word and does not keep is the lowest of the lowest and should never be trusted again." I had given my word, a promise that I would take care of a problem they were having, I was unable to do so. Here comes the most common drug in this world, guilt and punishment. I first got down on myself, after a while I could come to terms with myself. The next thing I know I had come down hard on another person who was innocent of any wrongdoing at the moment. Later it became clear that I had projected my stuff on to this other person. I learned from this that I had not forgiven myself and I stuffed it. I will most likely project my disease of perfectionism on to another, when I stuffed my wrongdoing.


1. How do you handle yourself and others when you have done something you disapprove of for you?

2. What are some of your personal "wrongs" that you find yourself doing?

Random Awakening

About twelve years ago I found myself pushing some of the people I shared the AA Program with for many years, what happened?