139 Where Did This Online Idea Come From?

139 Where Did This Online Idea Come From?

The longer I am around the more I am convinced that our Higher Power is always the first cause of everyone and everything but then it comes through our little filter. The ability to communicate around the world is now a reality. It has not been that long ago for one to send a transoceanic message was a big deal. It took years to lay a transoceanic cable. It was not all that great when finished. Now with all this wireless communication we cannot only talk we can video directly all over the world. A thought came to me about my prayers and meditation improving my conscious contact with my Higher Power; could it be a form of online? For sure it is wireless and direct. One of my questions is; does our Higher Power’s Holy Spirit/Voice/Consciousness communicate by signing on Divine-on-line? Maybe my computer’s online capacity is a limited idea of my Higher Power’s infinite ability to communicate through His master Website, which is always available. I do believe He is Omnipresence, and has all power through His Omnipotence needed, and I am sure He knows everything because of His Omniscience. This is a great Website to visit often. I practice centering prayer three times a day. My Sacred word is Father – so I think my password will be Father.


1. How often do you visit His Website?

2. Do you believe that all great ideas and movements filter through our human consciousness?

Random Awakening

Come let us sing and dance during this transformation. Rule 62; “Don’t take yourself too serious.” Return to love. Thy Love be done.