057 Lord’s Prayer Meditation

057 A Lord’s Prayer Meditation

I have used the Lord’s Prayer almost everyday for more than 54 years. The following is one of my meditations using the Lord’s Prayer.

                                                                                                                    A LORD’S PRAYER MEDITATION

Once again I found myself doing something I felt ashamed of. The longer I live this Spiritual way of life the less I can get by with. I think I should be perfect by now, well let’s say without consciously doing a wrong and yet I do. One of the greatest gifts of a Spiritual way of life is that what goes wrong often by grace turns into an asset. The following is one of my meditations using the Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father which art in Heaven = I am Your child, a brother to all other created beings. I believe this when I am consciously in Your Presence Father. Yesterday when I committed a wrong it was as though You were nowhere present. I made up an illusion of our separation from my guilt.

Hollow be thy Name = I treat others and I differently when I believe that You are Present, Father. I realize You are holy, whole, wholesomeness; I am humbled by Your loving grace. When I do a gross wrong I conveniently forget our relationship.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven = Your kingdom has already come doing the works, life within each of us. I am reminded of the Prodigal Son going off into a far country and lived a gross life. When he had grossed out he turned Home to his Father. I am identifying with him.

Give us this day our daily bread = At my best I know that You, Father are my, our only true source. When I am off the Spiritual path I act like other people, places and things are my source instead of a channel or agent. When it turns into a gross form it is because I am shopping for junk food instead of grace.

Forgive us our debts and we forgive our debtors = I do not want to hold anything against anyone because I will have that judgment return to me. I like it better when I have that spiritual discernment is a judgment, which does not call for forgiveness.

Lead us not into temptation = or any form of an illusion of separation. Please don’t keep me in temptation too long I am likely to fail.

But deliver us from evil = I realize the word evil spelled backward is live. Most of my problems come from living life backwards concerning my source, if other people, places or things I gave my power, worth to I will fail. My Higher Power must be my only source.

Thine is the Kingdom = Omnipresent – Why don’t I realize You are always Present? I do, say, think and feel different when I believe You are Present.

And the Power = Omnipotent – In my powerlessness why don’t I quickly call on Your Power?

And the Glory forever and ever = Omniscience – As soon as I realize I need to know something why don’t I quickly call on You knowing You are all knowing?

Random Awakening

“The real world calls for punishment.” – “Don’t have what it takes, a lot better than you have failed.” – “You don’t have higher education.” This list is endless.