145 New Generation of AA

 145 New Generation of AA

How can we do a better job communicating with the New Generation of Alcoholics Anonymous? The Chair, Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Board wrote in the 2010 International Convention’s special edition of the Grapevine, about three basic issues to address. One issue facing Alcoholics Anonymous is how do we communicate more effectively with the New Generation coming to our doors? How do we develop and use effective and innovative approaches to a new generation of alcoholics? We have relied on the printed word for more than seventy years. This new generation does not as a whole care much for wordy books. The shift is already underway with the electronic Communications worldwide. The purpose of the following short form of our Program is to create interest in an effective way to communicate with our New Generation. I realize how inadequate this is and how little I know about today’s communications. We are exploring the ways we can cut down on the printed word. Of course it is better to go direct to the long form using our two textbooks Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions but a new approach is called for.


1. Can you draw out the essence of our two textbooks and convert them into a workable short form using texting, twittering or whatever?

2. Would we lose too much it the translation?

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The word we is used 1659 times in our Big Book 3rd addition, so it must be a key word.