147 Let us Pray

147 Let us Pray Help --Thanks – Or how about – "Thy Love, Thy Will be done." Ways to pray and to improve out conscious contact with our High-Power is endless, perhaps infinite. The following are a few thoughts you may choose to meditate on. I believe God, our Father loves me and this makes it easy for me to love Him and He loves others through me and I love others by His grace and loving others makes me believe others love me. I accept that we are in our Creator’s image and likeness, which is love. I sure don’t think, feel, act or pray like it 24/7. The simple fact is that we cannot live alone, all of life must share and sharing is love. Since coming to Alcoholics Anonymous I am sure all that I am, will be and have, and are all unearned. It's clear that I have an invisible means of support, far beyond my understanding. I choose to surrender my will to Your will, Father. Affirmations – Planting seeds given to us, into the Divine Mind, the ground prepared for us. We tend our garden until the time of harvest. We gather the fruit and share them. Discursive Prayer -- The accent is principally on our activity, through reason rather than intuition (God working through us). Contemplation Prayer -- The accent is on our receptivity to the immediate and direct activity of God Himself within us, intuition rather than reason. Contemplation is the immediate transforming and directly consuming activity of God Himself. The soul is undergoing transformation and the purgation in love and faith. This is a silent, invisible loving communion with God, which transcends all discursiveness. "Contemplation is none other than a secret, peaceful and loving infusion of God which, if the soul allows it to happen, enflames it in the spirit of love." Simply, contemplation is being loved by God Himself from within oneself and loving Him with all one's being in return: "to be ourselves". Our prayer life is characterized by the gradual transformation. Practiced with acts of; worship, petition, repentance into the simplicity of loving surrender. As our prayer life matures, we become more dedicated and devoted. Ever more inclined towards the wordless, imageless, loving receptivity of contemplation. Our stance before God becomes simply that of "here-I-am." "Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer. (Alcoholics Anonymous page 87)


1. What prayer works for you best?

2. What meditation works for you best?

Random Awakening

Lou-is, Al Kohallek's sponsor shares with him one of the ways he improves his conscious contact with our Father, Creator within.