152 Make a Difference

152 Make a Difference

Each of us has a mission, a purpose that gives our life meaning. Each of us created as an individual is proof enough that we each have a purpose. Each one’s greatest value is being his or herself as created. Understandable or not, we can and do make a difference. We don’t have to find a cure for alcoholism; we already have a solution for that. By grace each one is given value, and purpose at birth. Until I found that I could make at least a small difference, I was restless, irritable, and discontent. I am part of something important, Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous is a great way to serve, to make a good difference. If we cared to we could share in a way that would make a difference 24/7. I want to believe that if I stop living the Alcoholics Anonymous way of life others would notice. Don’t waste another moment, be your higher Self and your personal "reality" self; we will not live forever, here. Don’t wait around for until someone else to make the difference you want to share. No one on earth can bring into this world what you can. Take up your life’s mission, purpose beginning here and now.


1. Have you found your purpose?

2. What are you willing to do here and now to make a good difference?

Random Awakening

My authority experience became my God as I understood Him. Authorities were: punishing, unfair, withholding, not loving, and too demanding. God and authorities gave the good stuff to their chosen.