154 Fix It Quick

 154 Fix It Quick

How about a quick fix for my drinking problem? The best an alcoholic like me, in the quick fix department is dryness but not sobriety. Now that I know that I am an alcoholic I will just stop drinking. My history tells me that I never stop doing anything when I first realized it was bad for me. I hear the statement the newcomer is the most important person in the meeting. I wanted to show my family I could be a big A.A. hit right away. The A.A. member that took me to my first meeting said that I may be one who never takes another drink of alcohol. I thought I will show everyone how quick I’d get the A.A. Program; after all it is a simple program, right? We need new members joining us, in affect these are our lifeblood. As soon as another newcomer joins us, I was no longer the most important one. At times working the Program flows easy, at times I have to grind it out. Growing pains can be long and drawn out, at times just uncomfortable, after all they are labor pains. I did not get in the mess I found myself in overnight. I had to dig deep to find patience. We may think we can speed up the process by pushing ourselves harder. Like all Spiritual, mental and emotional work they will come in due course, not by pushing. When the student (sponsored) is ready the teacher (sponsor) appears. When the teacher (sponsor) is ready the student (sponsored) appears. If you want a sponsor go to A.A., watch and listen for one you identify with, when you find the right one for you, ask that person to be your sponsor. If you want to be a loving, useful sponsor get A.A. members interested in what you have, by living it and keep at it. The right person will come.


1. How did you react when others laughed at "problems" you were having?

2. How did you react to, "You didn’t get in the place you are in overnight"?

Random Awakening

What I can do, let me do it with joy. What I cannot do let me quickly surrender it over to my Higher Power, I choose to call, Father.