155 Speaking With Authority

155 Speaking With Authority

Speaking with authority! When I arrived at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous my verbal skills were poor to say the least. My first reaction was jealousy when someone expresses themselves well. Effective communicators inspired me and that set me on a path of learning. I am deeply grateful I took that path. Alcoholics Anonymous differs from other organizations, anyone with a recovery experience speaks with authority. Some members with little or no formal education often speak with authority, as they share their experience, strength and hope. They speak from their heart and experience, I can relate to, that’s true authority. Every A.A. member has a useful personal story to share. Every time we experience healing we will do well to pass on that experience. Tradition Five has this same principle of sharing; "Each group has one primary purpose-to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers." Each group has a special message to share; that is the reason we join a home group, its way of sharing our primary message. Every A.A. member has a personal way to carry his or her individual Program experience to others who still suffer.


1. What is the one experience you feel best sharing?

2. What do you believe is your home group’s message?

Random Awakening

I realize that all of my greatest heroes found the key to fulfillment. They knew how to give of themselves. They surrender to a higher purpose.