156 Giving Multiplies

 156 Giving Multiplies

There is an illusion that if we give away what is important for us to keep, we are the big loser, when the opposite is true. At times I’ve resisted letting others in on my "best stuff". At one time I was in a very competitive business. I closely guarded my most valued ideas, I was secretive almost paranoid. The manufacturer I had a franchise with wanted me to share everything I knew about my business, with the other distributors. I feared that I would be giving away my competitive advantage. I have learned in Alcoholics Anonymous that I could not keep what I would not give away. I finally agreed to share honestly and openly with my fellow distributors. My willingness to share openly I found that I received much more than I gave. Remembering this experience I realize that I cheated myself by holding back even in Alcoholics Anonymous. At times after receiving a seemly great insight about this way of life, I did not at first want to share it with some, because he or she would get credit for it. Taking credit I found meant that I had to take the blame also. It’s best to give all credit to The Boss were it originated first anyway. This decision to give all I receive freely has opened me up to a greater abundance.


1. Have you ever held back a great idea because you wanted the credit?

2. Is there any information you are still unwilling to share?

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