157 An A.A. High

157 An A.A. High

I became over zealous when I caught on to Alcoholics Anonymous. An old-timer told me that I shouldn’t get overzealous and become a crusader, reformer or an evangelist early in the Program. I caught on fire when I began to awaken to this way of life. Instead of attraction rather than promotion, I went about trying to "sell" the Program to anyone that would listen. Telling them of all the wonderful benefits they would receive if they would just join us on this happy road. I never was a drug dealer but I have known some. They were astute businesspeople. They knew their product would work for a short time, they’re willing to give a free sample to get one started. They knew the user would be back, with money in hand. I knew that any alcoholic would be back if I could get them to taste our Program. So I envisioned that I was, with my overzealousness giving them a taste of what was to follow. Later I found the "right" way to make our A. A. product so good, so addictive, so "can’t miss" that some did come back with a true commitment. I began to walk my talk that others could see the change in me for the better, a lot better. It made my sharing the Program bite-size and easy to digest. To live the message and to carry the message out of gratitude, this gives a chance to a newcomer to see it in action before their investment.


1. Have you caught on fire with the Program?

2. If so how did you handle the overzealousness?

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