159 Unlike A Cocktail Party

159 Unlike A Cocktail Party

I’m sure happy our Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are not like a cocktail party. Alcoholics Anonymous is unlike a cocktail party where conversation is dull and shallow small talk; weather, sports or TV shows. I have little interest in small talk. Maybe it is because I have never been good at it. I am an average two contributions, "Think it is going to rain – we sure need it." Then I will shift to a negative event in the news, I judge what the other person wants to hear about. I feel like I am from another planet. In Alcoholics Anonymous I can go to a group of people I never met, yet I can step into a useful conversation, for me. I can share information of interest we have in common, with people I never meet. To me there are no strangers in A.A. I go away feeling that I got something of value I can use. In A.A. gatherings I don’t have to avoid conflict or drama, because we have something in common that is personal to me. In other types of gatherings I don’t feel that I can be open and honest. In Alcoholics Anonymous I may tell someone or someone may tell me that I am full of crap, with a smile and a loving tone, and I’m not offended. At times I go to a meeting where the A.A. Pharisees hang out, like my computer with lots of rules and no mercy. I find myself being selective in what I share, holding back, not to offend someone, so I cheat them and I. In this case the judgment was that it would not be safe for me to be honest. In effect I would be in a dry-drunk, no wonder it feels that l am in a cocktail party or bar.


1. At times do you feel that you are in a cocktail party instead of an A.A. Meeting?

2. How well do you communicate in the language of small talk?

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