160 No Résumé Required

160 No Résumé Required

I am grateful I did not have to present a Résumé to sign on with Alcoholics Anonymous. I bet the creativity of alcoholics would come to the surface if we had to present a résumé to join. Some of us have a lively imagination. Bars are "good" places to share that imaginary résumé. My verbal skills left a lot to be desired, so I could not compete with their creative imagination. Maybe that was one of the reason I did not like hanging out in bars, of course being a loner helped. If I could communicate better I could have told of great events I dreamed of performing, while drinking, which never made it passed daydreaming. If I had to look and sound good before being accepted into A.A., perhaps the "inner-circle" with the secret handshake, I had to express my exaggerated "good deeds" much better than I was able. Alcoholics Anonymous was different from other organizations. A.A. members are more like to say, "Come as you are we’ve been waiting for you." When working with a newcomer I listen for a one-line résumé. "I can’t stay stopped drinking but I want to."


1. When still drinking what did your "résumé" look or sound like?

2. When you decided to join the fellowship what would your "résumé" look or sound like?

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Coming-of-age in AA is a wonderful goal to strive for.