162 Adjusting Our Guidance System

 162 Adjusting Our Guidance System

We have a Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social guidance system, which performs 24/7 and it does not stay stagnant. As I awaken and grow in this Alcoholics Anonymous way of life, and it is a way of life my guidance system continues to adjust. The navigation on an aircraft is a good example of how it works. The aircraft on its journey is only on the direct beam about ten percent of the time; it will drift too far in one direction or another. When it reaches its predetermined tolerance setting, it automatically corrects its course. Freewill is the difference between the mechanical instrument and me. When I am too far-off in any direction I have a choice, to correct or continue off course. My Higher Power offers upgrades continually. When I chose to commit to the A.A. way of life that choice included the willingness to accept all His upgrades. Awakening and growing causes a major upgrade. Automatically my guidance system’s tolerance becomes less and less tolerant. In other words I could not wonder around off course for long or too far. At times I am grateful for the automatic adjustment. At times I bump against the new tolerance wall, causing pain once again; I have a choice to make.


1. Have you realize that you are more sensitive to your wondering off the course?

2. Is your tolerance level acceptable to you?

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I am so grateful that I have the tools in which my life can make a difference.