161 Drink The Sober Drunkenness

161 Drink The Sober Drunkenness

At one time just plain drunkenness was "good". One of the first signs of sober drunkenness is a sense of joy, happiness and freedom. Once I realized this Alcoholics Anonymous way of life was bringing into my daily life what I was looking for in the bottle, I experienced a sober drunkenness. The clues that one has not realized this wonderful condition are when one is gloomy, not joyous happy and free. Taking life too serious and still a user with a cloudy face. If you find yourself in this condition, get to a meeting and or call you sponsor. Or even better see if you can help someone else, in other words get out of yourself. When I can remember that it is better to know and do our Father’s will instead of my own, my chances for that sober drunkenness is better. By the way if your cloud is pink just enjoy it as long as you can. If you find yourself saying and feeling it is a God "thing", it most likely is, enjoy.


1. When was the last time you experienced that sober drunkenness?

2. How can you expand that wonderful high?

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