163 Treated Like An Adult

163 Treated Like An Adult

Yes, when I came to the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous I was emotionally childish, but treated like an adult.

When I came to the Program, my sponsor would introduce me as their baby. It did not set well with me until I accepted the idea that Alcoholics Anonymous was a new way of life, the equivalent of rebirth. No one treated me like an irresponsible child. I would have to take responsibility for my decisions and actions. My sponsor told me the most useful state was childish, meaning to have an open-mind and teachable. I did not have to ask permission before doing anything, but it would be a good idea to talk it over with my sponsor or another Program person first. After all I had entered a new way of life, being sober, which I had not been good at. My sponsor assured me that I wouldn’t need a hall pass to go to the bathroom. Learning how to live a sober life meant that I was going to make mistakes. I need not take it so seriously even if my life depended on it. "Take it easy", seem like a contradiction. "Action is the magic word", but it does not mean that all my actions would magically turn successful. I thought my sponsor was intuitive, knowing what my next move would be. I thought at one time that surveillance equipment was everywhere present. Allowed to make growing up mistakes without someone casting me into outer darkness, gave me cause for gratitude. My mistakes expected and judged not as an irresponsible child but as an adult learning how to live sober, with love and respect, that I did not deserve.


1. How were you treated when you first came to the doors of A.A.?

2. How did you react?

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