165 Prison or Playground

165 Prison or Playground

We are all serving a life sentence; shall it be prison or a playground? Our choice, why not find a way to make the time served a gift to us and humanity? We are created in the image and likes of our Father within us, which is doing the works called life. We have what it takes to transcend our limitations, most of which we made up. We can argue with life or we can be a loving part of life, by being the individual we were created as, our choice. If I choose to argue I can show you how smart and right I am. I can try to convince myself I won, but can’t go to sleep or stop the chatter. When we lovingly give of ourselves we feel expanding no words can express well enough. Being right sometimes comes at a high price, costing us our joy, happiness and freedom, perhaps a loving relationship. Love if free for the taking and brings out the best of us. Let us be a loving, constructive influence today. Let our love be a healing power touching everything, everyone into wholeness. The best anyone or thing in this world of expression is a channel or agent but not the Source. If one door closes another will open. Let us trust in the Source not the channel. Come let us love one another. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. Do you treat your "life Sentence" as a Divine Gift?

2. Do you believe that your love is a healing power?

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