166 Replace It Or Fix It?

 166 Replace It Or Fix It?

Dealing with emotional reaction! I believe the cause of my emotional reaction, good or bad, is my belief about the event. If I believe an event is fearful, I react with flight or fight readiness. At other times I’ve embrace the same event as a loving opportunity. There’s a wide range of useful information to draw on to replace or fix our emotions. My solution Alcoholic Anonymous taught me is to seek and find a Power Greater than myself. I’ve experienced this Higher Power transforming my defective personal "reality" (habits of thoughts and feelings) into useful assets. If I choose I can own my part and surrender it to my Higher Power, asking that His will be done. Is it my choice, to replace the emotion with a short-term fix or with a long-term solution?


1. Faced with a negative or fearful event did you turn to your Higher Power for the solution?

2. Did you fix or replace the last negative or fearful event you experienced?

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Denial can be a special gift of grace.