168 Fool's Gold

168 Fool’s Gold

When is Fool’s Gold Real Goal? During the Gold Rush out west an inexperienced prospector would often waste their time and energy mining a valueless substance called Fool’s Gold. An Old-timer would tell the tenderfoot: "When you think you have gold you probably have not; but when you do find it, you will know it for certain." When my personality "reality" tells me I have a Divine Realization I probably have not; but when I have an intuitive awakening I know it is the Real thing. I know for sure it was by grace, not my earning it. Real Gold is part of my healing; one of my defects is transformed into an asset.


1. What Fool’s Gold experience can you share?

2. What Real Gold experience can you share?

Random Awakening

Father, I can accept You hid the giant oak tree inside an acorn. Why is it so difficult for me to accept You hid Your Presence and our Higher Selves within each of us?