171 Beams Tolerant

171 Beams Tolerant

What to do when you are off the beam. The guidance system on commercial flights has a preset tolerance. Flying across country the aircraft is on the beam only about 10% of the time. It will be at times a little to the right or left or too high or too low. When aircraft drifts off the beam’s preset tolerance the guidance system will correct the course.  I believe that we have a built-in Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social guidance system. Before Al Kohallek came into the Program he often went way off the beam. He seems to get by with it until he hit his bottom. Any attempt to correct him resulted in him getting upset; sometimes he would get out of control. It was not uncommon for Al to experience one or more of the following; angry, resents, jealousy, fear, depressed, filled with self-pity. He was able to explain or blame others for all his problems. After living this Program for some time Al Kohallek cannot get by with any negative stuff for long nor does he want to. As we grow in this way of life the tolerant narrows for our guidance system and acts as an early warning system, adjusting our course, returning to love.


1. Can you give an example of how your guidance system works for you?

2. Can you give an example of what it is like being on the beam and being off the beam?

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