140 Why Practice?

141 How Useful Are Mistakes?

How much can we learn from our failures? Our Success? We have heard it said by elders that failure builds character. Overvaluing failure as a great teacher could give us an abundance of negative character. How many times does an alcoholic need to fail in staying sober? We get good at failing and success if we practice often? By showing us what does not work failing is useful, but it will become a defect if it becomes a habit. I did not learn by failing to stay sober. In fact I did not believe I could stay sober until I did for a while. When I had some success at not drinking I became a believer. Success taught me more in a short time than all my failures. Now I know what works so I can choose to do it again. Each time I succeed I get be better at whatever I am working on. Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social evolution does not dwell on failures; its focus is on expanding success, which is what works.


1. What failure(s) were you stuck in?

2. Once you found how it worked, did you returned to the failure or what worked?

Random Awakening

Technology, I thought was to serve me. Just let my computer, TV, phone, car, and any of my devices stop working. I am over concerned for "lost", am I their servant?