146 Relaxation

 146 Relaxation

Al Kohallek’s sponsor, Lou-is Pazeniton has tried to get Al to relax to no avail. "Easy does it", but do it, is one of the signs on our A.A. wall. Al Kohallek is a worker, so to relax means he’s lazy. He has not learned that hard work defeats itself, when it comes to the spiritual and mental. It is just the opposite on the physical plane; the harder you press or hammer the sooner the work is done. Any attempt at spiritual or mental pressure blocks us off. The moment we try to force or hurry spiritually or mentally, we stop or delay our creative power.

OK Al, take a deep breath and relax.


1. Are you able to relax?

2. Are unable at times to relax or meditate?


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My love, our love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness, for my love, our love is an extension of Creator’s love.