365 Year's End


365 Year’s End

As I was affirming my gratitude for another year of loving, mercy and purpose, I realized how blessed I am.


As I prayed in the silence of my soul I intuitively heard the Voice of the Father within that is doing the works I call my life, all Life; saying to me come and let me love, heal, teach, forgive, empower, enlighten, enrich, communicate with you and co-create with you, and I will, I have, I am.

Now, Father I felt free to ask for more than all others. I asked You for:

• the consciousness of Your, Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience within each of us, here and now

• my heart to pulsate with Your Divine Love and for it to radiate throughout my whole being and out in the world, unconditionally

• my mind to be in conscious union with Your Mind.

• the eyes to see with the vision of Your Holy Son.

• the nostrils to inhale Your Divine Inspiration and to breathe out all that is spent.

• the tongue to speak you Holy Words.

• the mouth to consume Your Holy Bread

• the hands to receive Your Divine Abundance and to pass it on

• the arms to embrace all I am drawn to with the perfect love here and now

• the feet to carry out Your Will for me, here and now

Random Awakening

Like the wasp I experience an illusionary way out of my entrapment and hit a glass wall.