173 How Deep Will You Dig?

173 How Deep Will You Dig?

Are you willing to go to any length to reach the way of life you have only dreamed of? "Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path." (Alcoholics Anonymous P 58) What a great promise! When I heard the story about the search for diamonds in South Africa it reminds me of our AA Program. At first people found a few diamonds in the yellow clay, and delighted with their good fortune. When I first came to AA I was delighted that I did not have to drink. Also people wanted me, just as I was, to come back, no one had asked me to come for a long time. What surprised me most, I wanted to come back. I was willing to settle for the "yellow clay"  Then upon digging deeper, they reached the blue clay, and to their amazement found as many diamonds in a day as they previously found in a year. Willing to keep digging deeper and deeper, practicing AA’s Spiritual principles in all my affairs, the enrichment I have found ever expanding richer strata. Our AA Program based on Spiritual Principles allows us to go as deep as we are willing and made able by grace.


1. Are you willing to settle for just not drinking?

2. If you had it to do over would you ask more of your Higher Power, of the AA Program and yourself?

Random Awakening

I thought of Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson, two social outcasts (two nuts) who stood their ground