174 My Chances Are Better

 174 My Chances Are Better

Can we improve our growth rate? Our book, Alcoholics Anonymous says, yes to our growth. Most of us coming to the Program had no clue how to experience a genuine relationship with our Higher Power, others or ourselves. I know from experience, my own and those I share the Program with, that we can make our chances better by following a few simple suggestions. I agree with the statement on page 45 of the Big Book – "We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves. Obviously…Well, that’s exactly what this book is about." Many of us have had a Spiritual awakening. For this awakening to expand and grow we my share it and live it. The outer expressions of our Higher Selves are seen and heard with our human eyes and ears, but we cannot see and hear the Spiritual, Higher Self the cause, the unseen is the first cause of the seen. This Higher Self is called by many names, once we realize the Truth of this; we can start practicing its Presence. As we look with the Spiritual eyes of faith at others we can intuitively experience that Presence within them and increase our chances of seeing our own Higher Self within. As we do this the outer appearances begin at once to improve. I realize the difference in all the relationship I practice seeing with Spiritual eyes of faith, by paying attention to what I want instead of what I don’t. I want to experience the good in others to insure my chances for realizing the relationships I want. A truism is this – the more often I look for the Higher Self in others, the sooner I will find Him/Her in myself.


1. Have you experienced seeing with the Vision of your Higher Self?

2. What are you doing or have done to seek and find your and others’ Higher Self?

Random Awakening

This is Day Twenty-four of Lou-is' 40-Day feasting on his individual heart's desire, which is something he wants to attain and to fast from everything which is unlike it. This project is to build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalent or container to enable him to change and keep that change, by practice. I am dedicating one of my daily practices for each of the major characteristics of my mission. TODAY: COMMUNICATING