176 Forgiving My Higher Power


176 Forgiving My Higher Power

Al Kohallek’s sponsor told him, that he had to forgive every authority he ever had, including his Higher Power.

This idea of having to forgive his Higher Power did not set well with Al. After working the Twelve Step Al had a good working relationship with his Higher Power, praying and meditation daily. Al thought his sponsor was pushing the envelope a little too far. Lou-is Pazeniton, Al’s sponsor shared, with Al his authority experience, an important subject to deal with. When it was suggested that he do the Steps on his authority experience, he reacted as Al did. He could see how each authority played part of his evolving understanding of the boss and the real Boss. One of Lou-is most important relationship with an authority was his dad. Lou-is’ older brother had a great personality, people gravitated to him. Lou-is had a chip on his shoulder, often on the defensive, in other words, he was an embarrassment to his family. This made it easy for Lou-is’ dad to do much more for his brother, including spending time with him. Lou-is’ dad tried to get along with Lou-is, whatever he did it was never enough. Lou-is’ made up belief that all authorities are unfair, freely giving great gifts to those who kiss up to them, while withholding the good stuff from people like Lou-is and Al. Lou-is had a habit of judging all authorities as unfair, the underdog didn’t have a chance. Our Higher Power is the ultimate authority. Until Lou-is did the Steps on authorities, he didn’t have clue that he projected his beliefs on to his Higher Power, nor his need to forgive Him.


1. Can you give an example how you projected your experience with and authority on to your Higher Power?

2. Would you be willing to work the Steps on your authorities?

Random Awakening

My prayers and meditations are not to change our Father but to change me so that I am in alignment with His Will for me. When I believe that I am in alignment I experience a love and joy deeper than words.