177 AA on Display

177 AA on Display

You may be the only Big Book someone may ever see? Emerson said: "What you are shouts so loudly that I cannot hear what you say." "You may be the only Big Book someone may ever see." I thought that statement a stretch, but now I believe it as a simple statement of truth. I heard in a meeting, "I don’t want to be an AA member with six months of living the Program and repeat that six months for twenty years. I would not want for people outside the Program to think that person is the results the Program or the Big Book. We express our inner state in our outer conditions and the intangible influence that we radiate. The character built on the Spiritual Principle of our Program cannot be hidden; the whole world can see. Living AA’s Spiritual Principles speaks in our Creator’s first language, silence and our Program is based on attraction.


1. Are you putting your best Book Forward?

2. Are you practicing the AA Spiritual Principles in all your affairs?

Random Awakening

A rebound is a “downer” we could say. I am choosing a rebounding which is an “upper”, a good kind of pressure.