178 Unforgivable

178 Unforgivable

I thought that all my wrongs could be forgiven, so what’s this unforgivable stuff?  I have experienced forgiveness many times for many reasons.  I find it hard to accept that forgiveness is withheld from anyone.  Forgiveness is not always possible from another human, but always by our Higher Power.  When I asked my sponsor, Lou-is Pazeniton about what’s unforgivable, he suggested that I take a look at the list on one being unwilling or unable to forgive in the Workbook Al Kohallek’s Forty-day.

  • Alone is better than hurt, they will do it again
  • Fear of being taken advantage of
  • I don’t know how to forgive
  • I can’t let go because I am seeking revenge/ They will go unpunished
  • I stuffed it
  • They didn’t forgive me
  • A closed-mind is equal to unforgivable
  • One will not forgive his or herself, that’s equals unforgivable.

Unwilling or unable to let my Higher Power do the forgiving, that’s the problem.  I made up illusions of unforgivable, by grace there is no unforgivable.  Once I am willing to accept that I made up this problem and that I am powerless to change it, then I turn it over to the Boss for healing or transformation into an asset.


  1. Do you have any “unforgivable”?
  2. Would you be willing to accept that you made up the unforgivable?
  3. Would you be willing even for a few minutes to turn it over to the Boss, letting Him do for you what you have been unable to do?

Random Awakening

I am let in on some of Your secret ways within the silence invisible place within me through prayer and meditation. I now bring some of these out into this duplex world to share.