179 An AA Adult

 179 An AA Adult

Coming-of-age in AA is a wonderful goal to strive for. I came into AA with an adult body; however that was the only claim to adulthood I had. Old-timers told me when we start drinking on consistent bases we stopped growing emotionally. The reasoning is simple:

• When I was faced with something new or not good at or emotionally charged, instead of learning how to - I drank.

• When I was faced with a mental problem, instead of studying or seek a solution – I drank.

• When I could not develop a workable or loving relationship – I drank.

• When I had some physical pain or strain – I drank.

• When I needed a Spiritual solution, when no human power worked and because I did not have any conscious Spiritual life, understanding, relationship with a Higher Power – I drank

I joined with a group of AA members that loved the Program. They practiced the AA Principles in all their affairs. It was clear that some of them were living the AA Program to the fullest. They took me in and taught me how to apply the Program in all my affairs. I come to realize that our Program is a Spiritual awakening and training way of life. I had many growing pains, ups and downs on my way up. I did have a Spiritual awakening, I carried the message, and I began a lifelong practice of applying these principles in all my comings and goings. I became an adult, dependent on my Higher Power and taking responsibility for my actions and decision. I am deeply grateful for all I have received; Spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.


1. How do you describe your coming-of-age in AA?

2. Have you been able to practice these Principles in all your affairs?

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