180 Training Whales

180 Training Whales

I took one of my grandsons to Sea World when it first opened. We were invited to watch them train the whales and I learned a valuable lesson. When I sponsored one of our AA members I spent too much time and energy focusing on the negative. Of course it is important the address the negative but there is an asset side as well. I believe when a member is willing to work the Steps and Traditions he or she has a great chance to open to this wonderful way of life. I now see that my coming down hard would prove that he or she was willing to go to any every step of the way.

I would like to share with you the important lesson I learned watching the whales undergoing training. The trainer would set the bar for the whale to leap over, starting low. Each time the whale went to the next level the trainer would give the whale a reward; anything less the trainer was inattentive. The whale was not beaten, punished, yelled at or pleaded with. The same process repeated until the desired level was reached. I tried this process out at home, office and with friends then AA members. The results were the same, it works, and it really does. I came to believe that created beings respond to love in an expanding way. Maybe it is because our true nature is love.


1. Would you be willing to try this in one of your important relationships?

Random Awakening

Come let us sing and dance during this transformation. Rule 62; “Don’t take yourself too serious.” Return to love. Thy Love be done.