181 Demonstrate It

 181 Demonstrate It

It’s just a theory until we do it. Now that I know it is bad for me I will never do it again. That’s the universal theme song of this alcoholic. At six month of sobriety I reflected I had not drink any alcohol in all that time. I was alone, talking to me and said – I’m telling you I have not drank in six whole months – no really - I have not drank alcohol in six months. That may sound insane but it was as if I just realized that fact. I was truly surprised. I would get angry when my then wife did not believe that I had changed, not only about my drinking but my violence and a few other defects. Why should she? I had played the universal theme song many times. Now that I know it is costing me everything I will never, never do "it" again. I won’t even think about it. Then in a few hours or a day or two I would be doing "it" again. Years passed before I could accept that others did not believe I had changed. I did not believe I had changed. It is important to live the change long enough for the idea, theory to become a way of life.


1. Have you ever been sure that you had changed, then fall in the old rut?

2. Have you recorded our universal theme song?

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