182 I Know You're There

182 I Know You’re There

Where O where can I find my Higher Power? There is an Eskimo tribe known for their ivy carvings that has an interesting preparation rite. They take a piece of ivy and turn it over and over chanting. I know you are in there show me. When the carver gets a vision of an image, he carves that. I use a form of the Eskimo carver’s way. I consciously know the Father, my Higher Power, is within me doing the works I call my life, all life. I know that I did not create myself or am I able to turn the food I ate into energy, flesh and bone, in other words everything it takes to live, move and have my being. Yet all too often I have no conscious contact with Him. I say over and over Father, which means to me - I know it is You within me. Awaken me to Your Presence, let me know Your will for me and have all it takes to carry it out. Most of the time I just say, Father, then I take the next step that comes to me, trusting it is His will. Practicing His Presence is the vital part of my life.


1. How do you make your conscious contact with your Higher Power?

2. How often to you pray and meditate? Do you feel like it is enough?

Random Awakening

We are all students and teachers. We are teachable students for our heart’s desire, driven toward it by our Higher Self.