183 Outlining

 183 Outlining

At times I am sure that I am praying for my Higher Power’s will and deep down in my heart I know it is the perfect gift to ask for here and now, but no gift is forthcoming. At times I am so sure I am praying for the perfect gift, that I go into to detail, showing my Higher Power that I am in union with His will for me. I am patient for a spell, and then my faith begins to weaken. Being sure I was asking for the right gift and knowing that my Higher Power is my only source, and then He is withholding it from me. I begin to feel guilty for something I must have done and this is pay back. The longer the answer to my prayer goes unanswered the more negative I get. I forgot to include my disclaimer; if it is your will for me, thanks you, if it is not your will then please don’t give it to me. However this time I know what I was asking for is His will. At last I chose to let it go, and more or less forgave my Higher Power. Once I let it go I realized that my prayer was answered before I finished asking. I received demonstrations but I couldn’t accept them because I’m looking for my made up design, that’s called outlining. Telling my Higher Power how to run His Business, I missed His gifts, which were better than the gift I asked for.


1. When you are sure that you know what you need do you outline in your prayer?

2. Can you share an example of your outlining and finding out that you were given a much better gift?

Random Awakening

I believe these elements are common among those who live the AA Program and other Spiritual Programs.