184 Love Is A Healing Power


 184 Love Is A Healing Power

Why is love a healing power touching everything into wholeness? "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Our AA Program is a great example of that truth. Many of us had become so self-centered during our drinking days, that we could not give or receive the love we long for. In my case I pushed everyone out of my life one-way or another. The Higher Power that created all of life created it in a way that we have to have others. From the simple to the most complex we must share. Life at any level cannot live, move or have its being separate from others. We have to share, we may like it or not but we are sharing as long as we are alive. Now I realized that sharing is an expression of love, our true nature. During our sickness most of us were users, we use people, places, and things as objects to serve our self-centered needs. By practicing the Spiritual Principles embedded in our AA Program I became an enlightened user. I awaken to my Higher Power doing for me what I could not do alone and unaided. I had to pass that wisdom on to others to keep it. It turned out to be a great joy and fulfilling giving away what I had received so freely. Sharing, which is love, a healing power touching everything into wholeness, for my love is an extension of Your Love, Father. My fragmented life, by grace is becoming whole giving back some of all I am receiving. My life is ever expanding and becoming the best love story I’ve ever had. I have come to believe that we were all created by Love, through Love, to love.


1. When did you stop being selfish, self-centered user?

2. Has you AA way of life become a love story?

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