186 Once A Violent Person!

186 Once A Violent Person!

Once a violent person always a violent person. Al Kohallek had a history of violence before and after he arrived at AA’s doors. For some time after Al joined AA he stuffed or controlled any outburst of violence. Violence is a negative energy and to stuff any energy is to compress it, and when built up enough it will explode. After working the Forty Day Workbook Al realized he had to be honest with his sponsor before something bad happen. Al’s feared that one day something would set him off and he would seriously harm someone or himself. He knew that suicide and homicide are interchangeable. Lou-is Pazeniton, his sponsor gave him a suggestion that change his understanding of the depth of our AA Program, a way to principles in all his affairs. Al’s sponsor suggested a simple solution; once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. Al had accepted that truism early in the Program, but then set a new standard for him; once a violent person, always a violent person. Lou-is explained it like this; the reason he drank was because he is an alcoholic, not because something or someone went right or wrong. The same principle works for violence, he reacted violently because he is a violent person, not because something or someone went right or wrong. Once Al accepted this suggestion and put into practice he has lost his fear that he may harm someone or himself. Years of fear and worry dropped off his shoulders and he experienced a new freedom that was deeper than words.


1. Would you be willing to try Lou-is’ suggestion on one of old patterns?

2. Would you commit to Lou-is’ suggestion for forty days?

Random Awakening

Easy does it but do it, we did not get here overnight nor is it likely we will get well overnight, but the journey can begin here and now.