185 Go In At The Servant's Entrance

185 Go In At The Servant’s Entrance

Gifted people go through life with great ease, everything goes their way. I’m not one of the blessed ones. My reaction to gifted people for years, was anger, envy, with an attack of self-pity, they had everything I wanted without having to do anything to earning it. Then Alcoholics Anonymous came my way. At first it was so easy for me to stay sober, maybe dry, that I thought that maybe I overacted coming to the AA Program, soon the illusion was dispelled. I caught the disease of alcoholism in about six months, until then I would say I was an alcoholic but had my doubts. Hanging out with sober AA members and not drinking and doing service work at an entry-level, I realized I did not know how to live or get along with others. I wanted more than anything, peace of mind, some of our members had it. Each one of these said that they had a conscious contact with their Higher Power. I went on a quest for a Higher Power. Learning new ways to think, act and feel was exciting but did not fill that emptiness. When I combined my quest with service I began to get some better results. A new expanding knowledge and understanding was no more than interesting ideas and ideals but did not bring the desired results unless I demonstrated them, the same held true for the Spiritual. To realize my quest I had to enter at the servant’s entrance. Giving to others what I could was my pathway. When I extended love, forgiveness, understanding by sharing what I was so freely given I could believe that I could receive all I gave away. When I offered love I believe others could love me, when I forgave another I knew I could be forgiven, and so it goes I need to give what I want, then I can believe. I continue to take the servant’s entrance, my shortcut.


1. Are you willing to serve others?

2. Are you willing to be used by the Spiritual principles of the AA Program?

Random Awakening

I want to practice "Thy Will Be Done" throughout this day by saying "Thy Love Be Done".