187 Spiritual Trilingual

187 Spiritual Trilingual

A generous friend suggested that I’m a Spiritual trilingual; I am a person who can communicate the Spiritual languages with equal fluency. That sounded good to me, even if I did not have a clue what they meant. When I arrived at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous I could not communicate Spiritually at any level. I wanted forgiveness and peace when I got here and I was willing to do whatever it took to get it. I realized the ones who had what I wanted; forgiveness and peace lived a Spiritual life. I went on a Spiritual quest which took me around the Spiritual world, east and west. Alcoholics Anonymous has been the most fruitful journey, which has no theology, dogma or doctrine. My first Spiritual awakening in AA gave me some insight to live by. I practiced them as part of my everyday life, the best I could at the time. As I walked my talk, I became fluent, in AA’s way of life at a beginner’s level. Alcoholics Anonymous has its foundation in Christianity, which became a big part of my Spiritual path. Early on I loved Emmet Fox’s works, which some of our Big Book came from. I studied the Bible, The Greatest thing in the world, by Henry Drummond and other books by Christian writers. I studied and held meetings on The Science of Mind by Ernest Homes and The Course in Miracles. The Oxford Groups writings gave me a deeper insight into our Program. Alcoholics Anonymous continued to hold their meetings connected to the Oxford Groups until sometime in 1939. I am fluent communicating Christianity and about my all-time hero Jesus as a layperson. The first book from the east that touched me deeply was The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. I have studied both Eastern and Western Mystics. I found great wisdom in the eastern Spiritual systems but I will not list here. I’m committed to this Spiritual quest since 1957, as it applies to Alcoholics Anonymous. Am I fluent in three or four Spiritual languages? Perhaps as a layman, but the one Spiritual language I am fluent in is Alcoholics Anonymous, the language of the heart. As far as I am concerned all Spiritual Systems lead us Home.


1. Are you fluent in the language of the heart, Alcoholics Anonymous?

2. Are there other Spiritual systems that you are fluent in that help you carry the AA message?

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