191 Depression - Unwelcome Guest

191 Depression – Unwelcome Guest

Action is the magic word. I found myself hanging out with an unwelcome guest, that I had not invited – depression. This depression does not call for medication or hospitalizing, It’s the garden verity type most alcoholics I know experience, living sober. I had heard or read a way to break this depression or dismiss this unwelcome guest. It sounded too simple for something I had wasted so much time and not energy, it was depressing know I had done so. The "solution" = "If you physically do what is contrary for a depressed person, you cannot stay depressed." I imagined myself as depressed person (that was easy). Withdrawn, head down, eyes fixed on the floor, shoulders bent over, talking and walking slow if at all, I need not go on with this list, most of us are well aware of the depressed person’s demeanor. I decided to give the "solution" a try. I had a mirror on my front office wall, as I went past it I smiled, I felt foolish and more depressed. I marched (depressed do not march) down the hallway to the restroom, like a drum major. At the time I had the only office on the second floor. The restroom had a fifteen foot mirror. I decided to act silly by jumping up and down, making faces, and yelling. I realize when the downstairs restrooms were too busy people would come to the second floor restroom. If someone walks in on me doing this they would call the State Mental Hospital. I sincerely began to laugh at myself, the depression was gone.


1. What do you do when you are depressed to break it?

2. What if you cannot go to an AA meeting, work with another alcoholic, call another alcoholic or your sponsor and your prayer don’t seem to work – would you be willing to try the unapproved "solution"?

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