189 Omnipresence

189 Omnipresence

I believe practicing; Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social the Presence of my Higher Power, I choose to call our Father, is the most important action I can take. Then why don’t I do it 24/7? I know that I did not create myself. I know the food I ate and the water I drank even now transformed in to flesh, bones, blood, energy, thoughts and feelings and everything it takes to live. I know that it takes an infinite Power and Intelligence far beyond all the humans put together. I know I cannot earn life. I cannot be good enough to deserve life or bad enough to prevent it; life goes on unconditionally. I don’t have the power or intelligence to know what my next step should be. This Omnipresence, always Present Power and Intelligence is within each of us 24/7, yet I act as if I am alone and unaided, too often. Reminding myself that it is the Father within each of us doing the works which I call my life, all life, I am practicing His Presence. I am committed to a training course in which I practice the Presence by saying "Father" at each beginning. A beginning is any time I have a shift in my focus. That includes; answering the telephone, arriving and leaving my office, getting into my car, ad infinitum. I understand that what I can see, feel, touch is an expression of our Father not our Father.


1. How do you experience the Omnipresence of our Father?

2. How do you practice the Presence of our Father?

Random Awakening

With a deep love and gratitude I accept the Divine Gift of Yourself to me, to all Father. I offer the gift of myself to You. This Divine Union is the relationship I long for.