192 Switching Additions


192 Switching Additions

Al Kohallek’s sponsor suggested to Al that he may switch from his alcoholism to another addition if he did not get to the conditions and causes through the Steps. Al knew this was true because he experienced the switching additions before coming into the AA Program. He went from an alcoholic to workaholic, but what happened after coming into the Program caught him off guard. Al had worked the Steps on his primary disease, alcoholism and was doing just fine. He was living the Program just fine; he even gave up coffee and sodas. He had clue that he was addicted to caffeine. When he had a coffee or soda "slip" it would set up a craving for more caffeine, like other addictions. Dr. Pepper became the caffeine of his choice. He told some of his AA friends and it got to be a joke, maybe Al should get a desire chip each time he stopped drinking Dr. Peppers. It was not so funny when he could not get by drinking a Dr. Pepper in the open, without criticism. Al did what he had done when drinking alcoholic brought criticism, he hid it. One day at his office he was in his restroom drinking a Dr. Pepper while one he sponsored was waiting to visit. Al realized that he was hiding in his own restroom drinking a Dr. Pepper. He though how ridiculous that was and laughed at himself think it was over. He came out of the restroom after finishing off the Dr. Pepper for his visit with the one waiting for him, in a short time that person got very upset. He asked Al why he was being so hard on him, because he was experiencing great results working the Program. Before Al could get the words out of his mouth he knew what he was doing. He had not forgiven himself for doing something he knew was wrong for him. He was projecting his guile onto the one he was sharing with. Al learned two important lessons that day. One it is better for him not to do anything he believed is wrong for him, no matter what others may think. Two if he didn’t deal with his own guilt he will take it out on others.


1. Have you ever switched addictions?

2. If the switch was to something others saw no harm in?

3. What did you do about it?

Random Awakening

Only one turned back to give thanks. “Ten were healed where are the other nine.” I chose the road less traveled many years ago, not long after coming in the Program. I was asked what I would do different if I could do my life over.